How I Help Aging Adults & Their Families with Health & Well-being

Caregiver Education about Geriatrics

Need to learn more about how to help older adults with common health problems? Since 2008 I’ve been helping caregivers learn the geriatrics approach to late-life health problems, including falls, medication side-effects, and dementia.

For practical information to help you handle common aging health concerns, visit the Geriatrics For Caregivers website.

And if you’re worried about an aging parent who lives at home, visit our sister-site Helping Older Parents for a free quick guide to checking aging parents for common health and safety problems.

Housecalls & Consultation

If you are a caregiver — or older adult in the Bay Area — and you’d like to have a geriatrician advise you on your health care concerns, I can help. My practice, based in San Francisco, specializes in helping families make sure their older loved ones get the healthcare they need, and avoid the care they don’t need. Read more …

About My Philosophy

Welcome! I’m a board-certified geriatrician who believes that educating and empowering caregivers is essential to improving the health and wellbeing of aging adults. After all, caregivers have the most important – and toughest – jobs when it comes to the health of an older person.

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” ― Chinese Proverb

Through my work online and in person, I help family caregivers learn to better manage the health needs of their older loved ones.

I also work with eldercare professionals, residential communities, and others who are dedicated to helping aging adults with their health, independence, and wellbeing.

In this 2011 video, I talk about why caregivers are so important to my work as a doctor.